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Introducing BlondeAholic MUA

Who is BlondeAholic MUA?



My name is Suzanne “Blondie” Dunne. I am 34 years old. I worked in finance for over a decade. Even though I always said that spreadsheets and numbers weren’t my thing. I never really felt fulfilled in what I did as a career.

I have always wished and hoped in the background that one day, I would be able to do something as a career that I felt fulfill in on daily basis. You know to have that feeling of pride and happiness each day knowing your doing something you’ve always dreamt of doing.

Last year I took that leap of faith in myself to go and fulfill that dream of mine. I did my research to find the best college to suit me as a working mom. And after searching and researching I left one stood out to me above the rest, so I dove in head first and enrolled with The Galligan College, in Dublin. Before enrolling I spoke with them over the phone and I was invited to go visit the college to have a look around and talk in detail what this course would entail. So that’s what I did, I went into the college and each person I spoke with was so full of passion, encouragement, excitement, knowledge, and really loved what it was they were doing as a profession. They outlined what the course would cover, what each module covers and how long it would take, prices, what is needed in order to complete the course but most of all the opportunities that lay ahead of me once I completed this course and picked up my ITEC diploma which is recognized in over 35 countries worldwide.


Some of the opportunities that were listed to me sounded amazing, like working in TV/Film, Fashion, Photoshoots, on a makeup counter, or be my own boss (we all would love to be our own boss) but most of all what I loved about what they said was that “the world is your oyster”. To me after sitting behind a desk for over a decade that sounded amazing. So needless to say I am excited to start this new chapter of my life and embark on this amazing new career.

Wish me luck and I’ll keep you all posted xx

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