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Makeup Brush Cleaner Review

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

My Experience

If you are like me, having to clean your makeup brushes feels like such a hassle. Soaking them to remove caked on makeup feels like it takes an eternity, and then they take hours to dry. Or worse yet you can use them dirty, and risk a big nasty breakout.

And if you're anything like me you're always complaining to your boyfriend about how annoying it is! Until of course he can't take any more of your complaining and he surprises you with one of these.

It is meant to take the hassle out of cleaning and drying your makeup brushes.

When you open the box you're met by a small plastic fish bowl, what looks like the bottom half of an electric toothbrush and a whole bunch of rubber thingys (or as the manual describes them grommets).

I'm sitting down one Sunday evening cleaning my brushes after a long week in college and doing some looks for my case studies. At this point they are pretty caked with makeup and in need of a good clean and I'm dreading this lengthy process. When I remember this little gadget is still sitting in its box. So I run out of the room to grab it and pop a set of batteries in it and fire it up for a quick test run. Everything seems to be in order and I'm ready to rock and roll. I tried to find the right rubber thing for my foundation brush and eventually find the right one (or so I thought). I fill up the fish bowl about a third of the way and at this point I ATTEMPT to lower the brush into the bowl when all hell breaks out.

I'm standing there with this thing spinning at about 10 million miles an hour when my foundation brush falls out of the rubber thingy hits the bowl sideways almost knocking the bowl over in the process. The battery compartment breaks open and two batteries come flying for my face at an equally rapid 10 million miles an hour. My life flashes before my eyes and in that split second I think I'm done for..... Luckily they missed my face and came crashing to the floor.

Not too much was damaged apart from my ego at the failed attempt to use this silly contraption. So I throw it back in the box and forget about it.

Another month or so passes before my boyfriend corners me one day when I'm cleaning my brushes and asks why I'm still giving out struggling with them when he's already bought me "that machine". So now I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. Do I risk my life again or hurt his feelings and tell him its a device made by satin himself. But I decide to take one for the team and give it one more try. To my surprise it actually works this time!



I learnt a couple of things during this whole experience. Firstly KEEP CALM. Secondly take your time to find the right rubber thingy. It could in fact save your life.

Overall I think its a pretty handy way to clean your brushes. It might not get them super spotless, it might be a little fiddly and it may be riskier then riding a motorbike blindfolded with no helmet


If you're looking for a quick way to get your brushes relatively well cleaned in a short space of time with a low enough number of expletives. Or you do a lot of work with makeup whether its for beauty or special effects makeup. I think its a really good option to have in your back pocket. Especially after a long day when cleaning brushes is the last thing you want to do.


Top Tips

When using this particular model it didn't come with a lid so if you have a larger brush and a lot of water in the bowl it would spray everywhere. So keep the level of water/solution in this model fairly low.

Change water/solution often as it tends to remove the makeup quicker with clean water/solution.

I have gotten into using 99.8% isopropyl as a first round of cleaning and then followed by a second round of clean water. This resulted in the best cleaned brushes rather than just water on its own. This also meant that my brushes were being cleaned of any bacteria as well.

Lastly always wear safety goggles when operating heavy machinery. Just joking I'm just being a drama queen.

Any way hope you found this useful and laughed at my near death experience.

Until next time xx


Product Link:

Bedee Makeup Brush Cleaner

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