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The Pod Collection Photoshoots

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Back in January I was asked if I would like the opportunity to be one of the MUA’s for a new maternity wear line “The Pod Collection” who were having a product photoshoot to show case their products for their website. Of course I jumped at the opportunity for this experience as this would be my very first photoshoot. I was told I would be able to use these pictures for my own advertisement on social media, as part of my portfolio, as well as receive the credit for my makeup looks on The Pod Collection’s website.

I was given 2 looks to recreate so that they could see my work, one look for a blonde model and the other for a brunette. The girls from The Pod Collection were really happy with my work and asked if I could be a part of the product photo shoot which took place in a studio in the city centre on 5th of February.


February 5th – Product Photoshoot

Photoshoot day arrived and I won’t lie I was nervous! But upon arrival I met Emma one of the owners of this fab new maternity range as well as the photographer Simon. Emma was so lovely and welcoming and made me feel at ease straight away. I was shown where I could set up so that’s what I did. Hazel the other owner then arrived and she was just as lovely, she really made me feel so comfortable for my first photoshoot. I got set up and was ready to go. My model was a friend of the girls Julia, (again she was really lovely). We got straight to work so that they could get started with some shooting. I had to create a smokey eye with a nude lip but keep the base natural. The girls were really happy with how my look turned out and it showed up really well on camera.

My model was show casing the “Little Black Dress”, “The White Shirt” and the “Black T-Shirt”. I stuck around all day in case there was any touch up’s needed, I was happy that there wasn’t much that I had to touch up, however in order to really show case the black T-Shirt we changed her lip from nude to red (Which really made it pop).

At the end of the day I then had to do Hazel’s makeup for her head shots which were going to be added to their website. Hazel wanted a natural look, so that is what I did with a little bit of smoke on her eyes. Again she was really happy with how it turned out.

It was a long day but we all laughed so much, we got to know a lot about each other, I thoroughly enjoyed working with these ladies. It really was such a fun day and it was amazing to get this experience and to really see what this career can possibly bring me.

They invited me back the following week for their editorial photoshoot which I was extremely happy about.


February 14th – Editorial Photoshoot

The editorial shoot would be a lot different than the product shoot because not only was this going to be for a magazine and not just their website but this was going to be a location shoot instead of in the studio. We started at 9am in The Galligan college they kindly allowed us to us their makeup room to get ready. My model Christine was lovely, again the girls wanted a similar look to the product shoot but with the skin a bit more dewy and the eye makeup a bit smokier. She was then ready for the first look of the day which was “The Little Black Dress”.

Christine did amazing as you can imagine it was February so it was very cold (not as cold as it feels today). But we were very lucky the rain held off and Simon was able to get some amazing shots. For this look there were 3 areas throughout the city centre. It was brilliant to be a part of this in such a public setting.

We then headed back to the college so that Christine could change into her second look of the day which was the “Cargo Pants” and “Black T”. We then got into the cars and headed to our second location of the day. Unfortunately it turned out that there was a lot of building work going on and the weather turned against us it was very windy and that typical Irish rain started to come down, but Simon again got some amazing shots despite the conditions. Our third location was the botanical gardens where they continued to get the shots they required for this look.

We then moved onto our third look which was the “The Lume Dress”. For this the girls wanted a dewier bronzed look so I created this for them. As we were now in doors in the botanical gardens the weather wasn’t as issue for us and the shots looked amazing.

We moved onto our final look of the day which was the “White Shirt” for this look the girls wanted to keep the dewy bronzed look but give it that pop of colour on the lips to really make the shirt shine. I left some red lipstick with the girls so that they could apply this for their final look, as a working mam it was getting late and I had to head off to pick up my son.



I was so happy to be a part of these two amazing shoots. I gained so much experience and I had so much fun in the processes working alongside with these lovely women. The range these women have provided is fabulous. All these products can be worn before, during and after pregnancy. In particular I loved the “Cargo” pants and the “The Little Black Dress”. Definitely would love to work with these lovely ladies again in the future and wish them all the best in the future with this amazing company and their fabulous clothing collection.

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